Construction requires less of an investment than purchasing a finished house. Additionally, the total cost may be easier to absorb if it’s spread over the time the construction lasts. Of course construction requires personal time, various approvals, permissions and at least a little bit of knowledge in this area. Whatever choice you make your private house is a good investment considering that its value will always increase significantly, and as strange as it may seem it is always on demand.


Construction works of any complexity:

• The construction on a turnkey basis: from 500 Euro/m2

• Rough construction work: from 120 Euro/m2

• Ground work


Repairing - finishing works:

• Walls, ceilings, drywall, doors, tiles, flooring, windows, electrics, plumbing.

Reconstruction of old buildings:

• Reconstruction on a turnkey basis: from 400 Euro/m2

• Architectural replanning

• Increasing and expanding of the building area


Development of design documentation:

• Architecture - idea solution and technical design: from 25 Euro/m2

• Design - the interior and landscape design: from 15 Euro/m2


Additional services:

• Installation of Italian swimming pools;

• Installation of solar panels;

• Installation of alarms;

• Installation of doors and windows;

• Installation of underfloor heating.