About us


Our MontenegroDom Company has been working in the real estate industry since 2008. Our team consists of top-ranking professionals that have successfully executed hundreds of successful deals.
We provide comprehensive and detailed information regarding property registration procedures in Montenegro; we carefully select and match the best real estate facilities according to your requested and predefined characteristics agreed upon beforehand.


Core business areas of our company are:
- real estate purchasing and sales;
- real estate rentals;
- legal support;
- property state registration;
- real estate reconstruction and repair;
- property management;
- assisting the application for temporary residence and procurement of visas;
- car rental;
- non-resident vehicle registration;
- and company state registration.


The root principles we stand by are:
- advertence and diligence to your wishes while selecting a real estate property;
- securing and guaranteeing impeccable and law abiding titles while register a property on your name.


Our company’s mission is:
- to minimize material and emotional expanses for clients who choose to purchase a property abroad.

We guarantee personalized service, comprehensive care, and the safety, privacy and security of all your contracts.

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