Organization of Viewing Tours


A successful viewing trip will begin far before you actually step on Montenegrin land. That is why we believe three things are most important for you before you take off for Montenegro:


• As much information as possible for the properties and the areas you are interested in. That is why We answer all inquiries providing answers to all your questions, giving you a detailed description including more photos and an exact location of the property you inquire about (distance and direction from a major town, name of the town/village where the property you inquired about is).

• An excellent organization of your airport transfer and accommodation, if so you require, so that you can concentrate on the one thing of biggest importance to you - to find the right property in Montenegro.

• An excellent organization of your property inspection trip – we do not waste your time looking at properties from the outside! We plan the viewing trip route so that we cover as much properties as possible for a day.


Our company MontenegroDom Company organizes Viewing Tours in Montenegro. The only thing you  need to do is choose the date of your tripp.

• We book tickets

• We book a hotel or apartment for your stay

• We meet you at the airport

• We provide you with transport during the visit of places anywhere in Montenegro

• We arrange a viewing tour of prospective real estate properties.


Our friendly and qualified Russian-speaking employees will provide you with all the necessary information and will help you with useful and helpful advices. A viewing tour is your opportunity to see the property with your own eyes and personally choose the place where you will start a new life. Additionally the tour will expose you to the neighborhood of your interest and give you the opportunity to experience its local atmosphere.


To arrange a viewing tour with us please go to "Our contacts" and send us a request with your contacts.