Our services

Our company provides a full range of services related to the acquisition of real estate in Montenegro, starting a business, and real estate investments in Montenegro.


Our services include:


• Assist in the acquisition of property in all of Montenegro


• Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel, accommodation and visiting properties in any region of Montenegro


• Comprehensive consultations on legal, financial and taxation questions in Montenegro


• Due diligence and integrity regarding the legal validity of the offered property


• Preparation of documents  and legal registration of all transactions


• The implementation of monetary transactions related to the act of purchase and sale of real estate


• Organization of research tours to Montenegro


• After-sales services (safety of the facility, proper maintenance, repairs, and assistance paying taxes and utilities)


• Leasing


• Implementation of architectural turnkey projects, and selection of architectural designs


• Individual search of projects and facilities for investments


• Construction of houses in Montenegro


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