Property rentals, the procedure of booking  the accommodation in Montenegro 


How to rent a house or apartment in Montenegro?


To rent a house or apartment in Montenegro you should:


1. Choose from our website the appropriate variant or type of property you are looking to rent or lease.


2. Send us an application in any format to our e-mail:, including the following information:

Your first name and last name
The code of the real estate property (specifying characteristics of the property and additional requirements if necessary)
Dates of arriving and departure
The number of guests (and children under 12 years old)
• Airport, flight number and arrival time.


3. We typically make a reservation for 3 days for the property you’ve chosen while sending you a rent estimate (accommodation, transfer service, reservation) and an invoice for the amount of the deposit (30% of the total cost of the ordered services). If the property you have chosen is already booked we will suggest you book a property of a equal value. The tourist fee/tax is not included into the price and must be paid upon check-in (adults - 1 euro per day, children from 12 to 18 years old - .50 cents per day, children under 12 are exempt from tax duties).


4.The deposit is transferred into the account of the property owner and is the booking guarantee of your chosen property.


5. How to book an accommodation?

The deposit can be made several ways:

A bank deposit to a checking account (the commission fee for the transaction is fixed by the sending bank).
Through Western Union
By “Contact” transfer in Budva, Montenegro.


6. Upon receiving a deposit we send you a voucher (confirmation), where the address of the property (apartment, house, villa) is indicated, amount days of staying, number of guests. A voucher (confirmation) for property booking is required to obtain a visa in Montenegro if you are staying beyond a month.


7. Deposits from property transactions cancelled by the Customer are non-refundable and held by the owner of the property.


8. If the negotiated property can not be provided by the Service Provider, as agreed by the parties, then the full amount of the deposit is returned to the Customer, or property of equal value will be made available.


9. The remaining balance for the rent is to be paid by cash upon check-in.


10. Our manager will meet you at the airport at your arrival holding our company sign: MONTENEGRODOM COMPANY. We ask you kindly to please provide us with your information regarding your flight number.


Additionally, if you wish to rent a car in Montenegro, we offer an additional discount for car rentals to our clients. The car is delivered to the destination airport.



The procedure of booking  the accommodation in Montenegro


1.To book the accommodation


To book the apartment, house or villa you need to do the following:

Step 1. Please submit a reservation request on our website.

Step 2. Wait for confirmation that the object is available on your date of stay. We send the confirmation during the day.

Step 3. After your confirmation to accommodate in the object you choose we send you an invoice for pre-payment of 30% of the total rental amount.

Step 4. When we receive your pre-payment we send you a tourist voucher - confirmation of your accommodation in the selected object.

When you complete these four steps, you reserve the selected object to accommodate in this period, as well as you confirm that you accept these booking terms of accommodation, cancellation policy and you agree with the living rules in real estate.




The client makes the balance payment for accommodation in this period on the day of arrival to Montenegro in cash in Euro.




If the client already lives in an apartment, house or villa, and then, without any faults of the landlord reasons, the client decides to stop accommodation before the departure date, the amount he paid will not be refunded. In case of emergency, we provide the customer an equivalent accommodation.

If the client changes the date of arrival, the previous booking will be canceled, and the client makes the new reservation.




The client can request a transfer from the airport and back. This service must be ordered in advance. Payment is upon arrival in Montenegro (airport). The transfer fee is specified during the booking accommodation.


5.Check in


Checking in is after 14.00. If you arrive earlier, please let us to know. If the object is available at that time, we arrange an earlier accommodation.

Upon arrival you get all information you need for a comfortable stay in Montenegro. In case of some problems or unforeseen situations, you can always contact a representative of the owner of the object by the phone number specified in your tourist voucher.


6.Check out


Checking out is before 10.00. If you leave later, please inform the representative of the owner at least one day earlier. If it is available we try to extend your stay.




The client receives the keys after he pays the balance for the accommodation.

If you order a transfer from the airport our representative meets you in airport and transfers you to the place of accommodation. You pay him the transfer service and the balance for the accommodation and get the keys.

In case you don’t need a transfer from the airport, you have to arrange with us the the place where we meet (before 3 days of your arrival), to settle in, to pay the balance and you get the keys.

If you loss the  keys, you will be charged a fee equal the the cost of a new lock and work of installation.


8.Guarantee deposit


The guarantee deposit is 300 euros.

Deposit guarantees the safety of the object where you accommodate. It returns fully or partially in the day of departure (if you damaged the object you pay the damage from the deposit).


9.Rules accommodation


We advise to read the information for guests (you get the information with the keys).

Linens and towels are included in the price.

- Please take care of the object you are accommodated in.

- Use items only for its intended purpose.

- For safety, please contact carefully with all electrical appliances.




Smoking indoors is prohibited. If during the accommodation or at the time of the client departure will be detected the smell of tobacco, we have the right to levy a penalty charge for cleaning and ventilation of the object in the amount of 200 euros (two hundred euros).




Pets are not allowed.


12.Number of guests


Number of persons who are checking in must not exceed the maximum number of guests you had in the description of accommodation. If you violate the terms you have to pay for each person residing over the limit. The charge is equal to the rental rate of the object in this area per day. If the client does not agree with this condition, he should check in the number of guests according the description of accommodation. Otherwise, we cancel the accommodation in the object and the money will not be returned to the client.




The client have to make sure that all windows and doors are closed when he leaves. The client has full financial responsibility for the damage (object damage, breaking / damage furniture, etc.).

Person accompanying minors liable for damage caused by a minor.




Departing from the apartments, houses or villas, please, always make sure that you close all the windows and doors. We are not responsible for the safety of the client’s things  in cases of theft and other criminal situations!




Clients maintain cleanliness in the object by itself.

When checking out the object must be clean, the furniture must be on their places, rubbish discarded and dishes must be washed.


16.Additional Services


Upon request the customer can order additional services such as translation services - 15 euros per  hour, cleaning - 10 euros per hour, babysitting service - 20 euros per hour, excursions – the price is from 25 euros per person, etc. The price of services have to be specified.




All comments and complaints related to the object and equipment should be sent to the object owner's representative immediately when they occur  during working hours, or the next morning if the problem happened in nonworking time.




18.Eviction in the violation of order of living


Eviction from the object takes place in case of making dangerous situation and (or) disturbance of public peace and disorderly behavior. If the tenant, despite of the warning of the owner or owner’s representative, disturb the public peace and (or) create a dangerous situation on the leased territory or on the neighboring rented territory the owner (owner's representative) can immediately evict him.

Expenses incurred as a result of the above actions will be recovered from the tenant. Money will not be returned to the client.


19.Dispute Resolution


The owner’s representative /  owner and the client try to resolve the differences through negotiations. If agreement can not be reached in the negotiation process, disagreements will be resolved in accordance with the laws of Montenegro.

We reserve the right to make changes to the booking conditions.

Your confirmation of booking – tourist voucher is your agreement to the foregoing terms.



We are always happy to answer all questions you may have.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Montenegro!