Apartments in Budva
95000 - 170000 €

Ref ID: 29
Type: Sale
Property type: Apartments/Flats
Location: Budva
Area: 45 - 50 m2
Bedrooms: 2
Parking Garage
Air Conditioning: YES
Options: Sea view


Residential Apartment in Budva in 5 min.walking from the beach. All apartments have amazing sea views.
Apartment has : two bedrooms , living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom .
There is only one apartment on each floor.
Oak flooring, spanish ceramics, corridors and stairs - italian granite, spanish plumbing, steel doors .
Price and total square:
Ground floor: 45 m2 - 95.000 €
1st floor : 50 m2 - 118 000 €
2nd floor: 50 m2 - 128.000 €
3rd floor: 50 m2 - 150.000 €
4th floor: 50 m2 - 160.000 €
5th floor : 50 m2 - 170.000 €
Price does not include parking - place or garage.



Budva is the capital of Montenegrin tourism. With over 550,000 guests in summer season, it is by far the most popular tourist destination in Montenegro.
Because of sandy beaches in and around Budva which stretch for 11,310 m (37,106.30 ft) as well as its vast cultural heritage, architecture, and vibrant nightlife the city is increasingly turning into the most attractive tourist destination in Montenegro.
Budva's most famous beach is Mogren. Nestled in-between several large cliffs it can be reached by a 500 m (1,640.42 ft) pathway from Budva's Old town. Other beaches within official city boundaries include Ričardova glava (Richard's Head), Pizana, Slovenska plaža. Many other beaches are located just outside of Budva in smaller adjacent towns and villages such as Bečići, Jaz, Trsteno, Maestral, Miločer, Sveti Stefan, Pržno, Kamenovo, Ploče, Crvena Glavica, Drobni Pijesak, Kraljičina plaža, Kraljeva plaža.

Ascents of great Mediterranean cultures marked the spirit of this town, and it’s felt even today.

In order to really feel hospitality of local people you must taste specialties of local national cuisine, feel the hospitality of these hosts. Visit the wall of the Old town of Budva and feel the spirit of antique and renaissance charm of Budva.